Dorm Life
Welcome to my freshman year at Ashland University.  I am soo excited to be living in the Andrews Hall with all the great people that are part of the Ashbrook Scholar program.  Since moving in on Friday, the fun hasn’t stopped.  We have already experienced class with Dr. Schramm.  Tested our knowledge in American History with a fun class competition of Jeopardy (I was kick’n in that, lol). Bonded with some rainy softball fun and hung out as we got to know each other.

So, wondering what my dorm looks like?  Well, take a look at the amazing photos.
I am in a double, but I actually do not have a roommate.  So, we had the job of decorating the entire room – and making it digs fit for a queen. I got to take soo much extra stuff and I don’t have to share anything which is probably the best part!  Many spend fun times in my room as a break from theirs.
I have to thank my mom and Dan for all they did, and of course, thank the ASHBROOK CENTER for providing newly renovated spaces to us complete with AIR!!!
Enjoy your photo tour of my room – I love it!